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Come on, you couldn’t look more suspicious if you tried. On top of that, you’d be incredibly uncomfortable during the flight. Wearing five layers of clothing is going to get pretty toasty. Not even cranking your air blower to max will be enough to keep you from roasting in your own garments. Lastly, you’ll look stupid. If checking a bag really is going to be such a massive issue during your travels, you’re better off doing these thigs: Have some emergency funds at the ready: Ryan Carney Williams, the man denied boarding, says he couldn’t afford the extra fee and would have to live homeless in Iceland if he couldn’t board. If you’re traveling it pays to be prepared for anything. That could mean budgeting for extra nights in a hotel, surprise transportation costs, or paying an unexpected checked bag fee on your way home. Pack less when you travel: Do you really need all that stuff you’re carrying in your checked bag?

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