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No word just yet on pre-orders for customers in North America, but Nintendo will be letting players get their hands on the Switch on 6 different dates, at 6 different American cities. But lets dig into the new details, shall we? How does the Switch work? nintendo-switch-2-640x0 More The Nintendo Switch will be a hybrid console that can be usedat home on a TV, and also as a portable console similar to NintendosGame Boy and DS lines.Players can move the console from itshome configuration to its portable one on the fly in a nearly instant operation, hence the name Switch. When using the console at home, the two sides of the device, which Nintendo callsJoy-Con controllers,slide off of the console and connect into a holster called the Joy-Con Grip, tocreate the consoles home controller. The consolescenter clicks into a base station, which connects to a TV or monitor. To switch back from home console mode to portable, players can simply snap the Joy-Con controllers onto thesides of the Switch and lift it out ofthe dock. The console will be able to transition the screenfrom the television to the Switchs displayautomatically. Controllers and touchscreen The portable version of the Switch is a rounded, rectangularpanel with two analog sticks, four face buttons, four directional buttons, and two triggers on either side. It looks very similar to the Wii U gamepad controller.

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