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Finding Prudent Programs Of Online Fashion

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Additionally, the majority of consumers (60 percent) still view shopping for clothes in-store as a fun, social activity. Even luxury is concerned with how to deal with Amazon. Stratist Group’s Jeff Loehr, principal and strategy lead of the consulting firm, says his firm likes to help companies not just think “outside the box,” but create new boxes, especially when trying to stay ahead in today’s hyper competitive retail market. “You have to think about how you’re going to engage,” he said at a Luxury Marketing Group event that spoke directly toward addressing Amazon in the luxury sector. “We know marketing, digital sales and the definition of luxury is changing. So brands have to think about how they will engage. In the future, Amazon’s Alexa will make buying decisions for us like, ‘Alexa, buy my wife a watch, please.’ So you have to think about how you’ll market to that? Yet omnichannel will still matter so you have to define niches and positioning.” Also at the Luxury Marketing Group’s event, Bob Shullman, founder of the Shullman Research Center, said luxury brands should not dismiss Amazon as being for the mainstream consumer, as luxury buyers use the shopping site regularly. And he says Alexa will be part of the retail change in the luxury market, as well. “Alexa will go from 4 million searches up to 30 million in 2017,” he said. “And six out of 10 luxury customers are also Amazon customers.

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