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Haringey Council offices The project is opposed locally by pro-Corbyn pressure group Momentum. The NEC was meeting for the first time since Momentum founder Jon Lansman was elected as one of its members. The public private partnership to redevelop a large council estate has proved hugely divisive within the Haringey Labour Party. The row came to national attention when Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn signalled his misgivings at last year's party conference. Momentum has campaigned against the project, suggesting it could lead to social cleansing. Around a third of the Labour group - mainly supporters of the scheme click here - have since either been deselected, or have stood down ahead of this spring's council elections. Momentum is likely to have a strong influence on council policy if Labour wins the May like this election, so the future of the scheme had already been in doubt. Labour's ruling national executive is advising the existing council leadership to pause its plans for the project if local divisions continue - this, in effect, could kill it off. Supporters of the scheme argued it would bring much needed private funds into the regeneration of a deprived area. Momentum immediately welcomed the NEC decision - and some will see this is a symbol of the group's growing influence within the party.
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